April 06, 2012


  1. cabal install yesod
  2. yesod init and type your name (for LICENSE file) and project name
  3. That’s it! I’m creating your files now…

     Generating deploy/Procfile
     Generating config/sqlite.yml
     Generating config/settings.yml
     Generating main.hs
     Generating devel.hs
     Generating yepod.cabal
     Generating yepod.cabal
     Generating .ghci
     Generating LICENSE
     Generating Foundation.hs
     Generating Import.hs
     Generating Application.hs
     Generating Handler/Home.hs
     Generating Model.hs
     Generating Settings.hs
     Generating Settings/StaticFiles.hs
     Generating static/css/bootstrap.css
     Generating templates/default-layout.hamlet
     Generating templates/default-layout-wrapper.hamlet
     Generating templates/homepage.hamlet
     Generating config/routes
     Generating templates/homepage.lucius
     Generating templates/homepage.julius
     Generating config/models
     Generating messages/en.m
     Generating tests/main.hs

Sun Apr 8 21:19:04 2012